Maria Morandi

Maria Morandi

Wellbeing Specialist

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Maria Morandi

23-years-old, majored in Psychology and passionate about food and sustainability, I’m striving to become a well-being Psychologist.

Curious and enterprising, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and inspirations. I dream about helping people enhance the quality of their lives by promoting and supporting healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, for theirs and for the planet’s good.

“Big changes are born from small steps”: change is hard, but anyone, with the desire to get involved and adequate support, can in his own little way make the difference.

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    20 Novembre 2019


  2. Ugly is good- humanising imperfect fruits and vegetables for food waste reduction

    12 Novembre 2019


  3. Nudge Italia bets against food waste

    12 Settembre 2019


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