Kate Larsen

Kate Larsen

BBC & Vogue featurd Advisor in ESG & SupplyChains

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Kate Larsen

Over 15 years experience Advisory & Corporate in sector-leading ESG, Human Rights & Modern Slavery risk management/ prevention, assessing, investigations (especially China, Asia), remediation, statements, strategy. Sustainability, CR (Corporate Responsibility), Supply Chain Responsible Sourcing (Labour & Environmental). Benchmark, map, guide, train. E&S advisory to M&A reviews for PE & Finance clients.
Facilitate & deliver business & stakeholder Collaborations for results, impact.


  1. There's no simple way to track our environmental impact

    24 Febbraio 2020


  2. We need new legislation for the supply chains in the fashion sector

    23 Gennaio 2020


  3. The nexus between Climate Change and Human Rights

    20 Novembre 2019


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