Bojana Bogojević

Bojana Bogojević

Lawyer and UN Accredited Climate Change Teacher

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Bojana Bogojević

Bojana Bogojević is a Lawyer with post graduates degree of Corporate Governance and also UN Accredited Climate Change Teacher.

Ms. Bogojevic has been a corporate and legal advisor for many leading companies in both the public and private sectors as well as universities. 

In 2019 Bojana was chosen to receive a Special 2019 Books for Peace International Award  for:" playing an important role in protecting the world and the earth through social commitment to the climate."

 Ms. Bogojevic has authored numerous professional articles, scientific papers, and co–authored books in the field of law, corporate governance, climate change and SDGs. Articles are published in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, Australia, Montenegro and USA. Bojana also is a lecturer, owner of a specialised blog for Law, Corporate Governance  Climate and Sdgs, and created a history - she made first ever in history of Serbia educational podcasts covering different fields of Climate Change. She is regularly invited to talk for papers, portals, tv stations due to her knowledge and experience. 

Bojana Bogojević was chosen to finished famous international schools for talents in fields of Law and Economy like Hellenic Observatory of London School of Economics,  F.A. .Hayek Institute,  European Agency for Reconstruction when she became Expert for EU etc. 

She actively participates in numerous national and international scientific meetings and was chosen to be a member of the working group for drafting the law on gender equality in the Republic of Serbia, the National strategy on gender equality, and subsequent action plan 2016 – 2018. Additionally, Ms. Bogojevic participated in the drafting of the Republic of Serbia Economic Reform Program.  

Due to her knowledge and background she is chosen to become a member of international humanitarian organisations. 

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